COVID-19 has disrupted everyday life.

Let's get back some normalcy

Part of getting back to regular life involves safely opening social venues like concerts, restaurants, bars and public services like schools and airports. While vaccines will play a substantial role in returning to this normalcy, not everyone will be vaccinated. So, rapid, accurate and affordable testing will remain a key element in long-term, global pandemic management.

The 25 minute testing revolution

This test is designed to:


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There are currently 2 types of tests available on the market:

Antigen tests

Antigen tests tell you if certain viral proteins are present. These tests are rapid but can be highly inaccurate.

PCR tests

These tell you if a viral genome is present. These tests are highly accurate but are time consuming, expensive, and logistically challenging. Typically, a person’s nose is swabbed, and the sample is shipped to a central lab for processing. Conventional PCR tests require high throughput batches of 500-1000 samples at the same time to be cost effective. Results usually take anywhere from 24-72 hours.

This means that today, when passengers land at an airport and take a PCR test, before they receive their results, they may come into contact with hundreds of people from taxis or public transit to grocery stores, friends and family. With this delay, society is put at risk and governments are required to perform significant contact tracing. It’s not ideal.

Introducing the “The 25 min XPhyto COVID-ID Lab" PCR test

A new PCR system designed to augment the existing testing market with accuracy and speed without the need to ship samples to a central lab.

This simple test can be performed using a nasal or throat swab. In a mobile lab that can be setup almost anywhere, the sample is analyzed and prepared in an on-site thermocycler with the simple mixing and addition of several solutions onto a test strip.

The test is a PCR test with PCR accuracy but results are now available within 25 minutes,

to be provided on-site or sent to a patient’s mobile device, allowing them to continue their day with minimal interruption.

How it works

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Step 1

Sample Collection

A sample is taken from a patient via nasal or throat swab, mixed with reagents and placed in a Thermocycler.

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Step 2

Run Test

The sample is run through a vortex and denaturation process. We then remove the sample and place it onto a test strip where 3 solutions are added. Once this process is complete, the results will be visible on the test strip with either 2 lines for a positive result or 1 line for a negative.

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Step 3

Provide Results

We then send the results to the patient’s phone, letting them know if they may proceed or if there is a need for isolation.

Here are a few examples of where the XPhyto COVID-ID lab test will be most applicable.

Airports 1

Airports & Cruise ships

Travelers can be tested and conveniently have results sent to their mobile phones while picking up baggage or before boarding their flight. This is a revolution in PCR testing because a passenger that tests positive for COVID can be accurately identified BEFORE they leave the airport and interact with society.

Cruise lines can ensure that everyone that walks on board is tested in real-time and won’t put thousands of people at risk of closed quarter outbreaks.

Solutions for Inbound Travel:

  • Confirm if a traveler is positive or negative BEFORE leaving the terminal.

Solutions for Outbound Travel:

  • Confirm if a traveler is positive or negative BEFORE boarding.
  • Confirm validity of testing to eliminate fraudulent results.
  • Reduced probability of latent infection due to sample collection and processing immediately before boarding, not 72 hours prior.
  • Higher compliance due to optimized logistics. A quick, easy and convenient solution for travelers.

Solutions for All Travel:

  • Reduced risk for crew members that cannot wait 24 hours for test results before each departure.
  • All-in-all, there are fewer delays and interruptions while still providing a healthy and safe environment.


Children can be temperature tested at the door to their school and those showing signs of illness can be tested and keep their classmates out of harm’s way.

Venues 1

Public Venues and Industrial sites

Visitors can be tested before entering public areas such as concerts, restaurants, or job sites.

The XPhyto COVID-ID lab is a new PCR testing system designed to augment the existing testing market

with accuracy and speed without the need to ship samples to a central lab.

This makes the COVID-ID lab an ideal point-of-care test system that is cost effective at moderate and low throughput. It is a new and potentially powerful tool in the world’s arsenal in the battle against the ongoing COVID pandemic.

This is a platform technology with a real potential to make a meaningful impact in pandemic management and to help facilitate a return to normalcy for people and businesses.

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Innovation to Impact

Our COVID-19 diagnostics could be a game-changer

“With no need for large, specialized laboratories, our solutions are particularly well suited for point-of-care testing. We believe this will provide increased speed, convenience, and flexibility for the immediate identification of infected people in a wider variety of settings through the use of satellite and mobile labs, with the potential to increase turnaround times and reduce the burden on our existing healthcare infrastructure.”    

Hugh Rogers, CEO of XPhyto 

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