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Providing results – fast.

Both our COVID-19 PCR Diagnostic Kit and LFA Screening Test deliver results in a matter of minutes. They are designed to support stronger pandemic management and potentially offer a critical benefit to our global community at institutional and individual levels.


Our production capabilities and strategic partnerships have allowed us to create test products that are affordable.


Our diagnostic kits provide accurate and timely results designed to be deployed in community locations such as international airports and local businesses.


Our diagnostic kit can deliver results in under 25 minutes and our screening test can produce results in under 15 minutes.

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A Better Diagnostic Experience

Our COVID-19 diagnostics have the potential to alleviate barriers, provide peace-of-mind and help support access. This is the impact we're striving for.

Both the PCR Diagnostic Kit and LFA Screening Tests allow for oral sample collection, enabling an easier, less invasive and more comfortable user experience.

What’s the Difference?

COVID-19 PCR Diagnostic Kit

XP Diagnostics has successfully applied polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing, regarded as the highest standard for coronavirus diagnostics, to a highly portable oral COVID-19 rapid diagnostic kit.  

The potential impact of this innovation:

  • Faster turnaround of results (under 25 minutes).
  • Enhanced ability to conduct affordable point-of-care testing in high traffic or high impact areas, such as airports, clinics, large industrial sites or at mobile/satellite labs.
  • Reduced burden on healthcare systems, with minimal laboratory equipment or training required.
  • Supported recovery of key industries throughout the world, such as international travel. 

COVID-19 LFA Screening Test

The development of the XP Diagnostics oral screening test has the potential to enable self-administered testing for individuals and businesses. This is an accessible solution with an affordable price point.

The potential impact of this innovation:

The widespread use and application of the COVID-19 LFA Screening Test could support more businesses to return to operations, allowing individuals to test anytime and anywhere with a results turnaround time of under 15 minutes. 

Innovation to Impact

Our COVID-19 diagnostics could be a game-changer

“With no need for large, specialized laboratories, our solutions are particularly well suited for point-of-care testing. We believe this will provide increased speed, convenience, and flexibility for the immediate identification of infected people in a wider variety of settings through the use of satellite and mobile labs, with the potential to increase turnaround times and reduce the burden on our existing healthcare infrastructure.”    

Hugh Rogers, CEO of XPhyto 

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XP Diagnostics is focused on the development and commercialization of rapid, point-of-care, low-cost, and easy-to-use infectious disease screening tests and oral dissolvable biosensors.

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