We’ve created strategic partnerships with world-class universities and academic leaders

Innovation begins with a strong foundation of research, powered by curiosity and a drive to challenge the status quo. Our partnerships with leading universities have the potential to uncover opportunities where existing technology platforms can be applied in new, impactful ways.

Academic Partnerships

University of Alberta

Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

XPhyto is working closely with leading researchers at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences for the development of psychedelic and cannabis-based medicine. Our work is focused on synthesis, extraction, isolation, formulation, research & development, as well as building our commercial analytical testing capability.

Technical University of Munich

Department of Chemistry & School of Life Sciences

XPhyto Laboratories has signed exclusive cannabis research and development agreements with the Technical University of Munich Department of Chemistry and the School of Life Sciences. The agreements enable our efforts in the identification and assessment of novel research and development approaches for using the cannabis plant and its derivatives in potential commercial applications, such as the production of beverages, food and dietary supplements.

3a Diagnostics Research based Biotechnology team

Industry Partnerships


Research-Based Biotechnology

XPhyto Therapeutics Corp. and 3a-diagnostics GmbH have signed an exclusive development, technology purchase, and license agreement. This enables the development and commercialization of rapid, point-of-care, low-cost, and easy-to-use infectious disease screening tests which include a COVID-19 PCR kit, COVID-19 lateral flow assay and a portfolio of oral dissolvable biosensors for pandemic threats and dental health applications. 

3a is a research-based biotechnology company located approximately 50 kilometers southeast of Stuttgart, Germany, specializing in the development, production, and marketing of point-of-care test systems. 3a refers to their approach as “anyone” (no specialized training required), “anywhere” (no power or additional equipment required) and “anytime” (decentralized and rapidly deployable).

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The XPhyto Network is Growing

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XPhyto is always seeking partners that are innovating in the life sciences space. Being part of our network connects our partners with collaborative scientific and commercial leaders that can drive the acceleration and commercialization of promising innovations that have the potential to impact global health.

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