XPhyto is striving to have a positive impact on global health

We are creating potentially life-changing solutions through research, development and collaboration. 

XPhyto Therapeutics Corp. works with the most promising disrupters in the pharmaceutical industry; accelerates research and technology development; and commercializes products with an entrepreneurial approach and a commitment to efficiency, effectiveness and accessibility. 

Our network spans Europe and North America with companies at the forefront of diagnostics and drug formulations, and universities specializing in research on the use of psychedelics and cannabinoids.

Our Mission

We innovate and commercialize next-generation pharmaceutical and diagnostic investment opportunities

Our investment opportunities are focused on innovation, acceleration and commercialization.


Disrupting the pharmaceutical industry

Harnessing the most promising advancements in bioscience and pharmaceuticals and the leaders driving change.


Advancing technology for broader health impact

Building development capabilities to amplify innovations and increase efficiency, effectiveness and accessibility. 


Bringing potentially life-changing products to market

Increasing manufacturing capabilities to scale production and get our products in the hands of those who need them. 

Accelerated Technology

Leveraging our scientific expertise in Europe and North America

From our board to our operations, XPhyto has international expertise with headquarters in Vancouver and operations out of Germany. We have secured exclusive agreements with leading Canadian and German universities in the research of psychedelics, import and manufacturing licenses, and access to development grants. All of this helps us accelerate innovation to market. 

XPhyto combines the best in bioscience with a drive for entrepreneurship

Tackling big health challenges isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes the best in bioscience and experts who are at the leading edge of innovation. XPhyto combines that with an entrepreneurial drive; a unique ability to spot opportunity, connect it with possibility and accelerate progress at a rate that brings solutions to market as quickly and safely as possible. 

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Working collaboratively is powerful

Our network of experts and organizations make the difference

Our partnerships include leaders working at the cutting edge of pharmaceutical research and development to drive innovation and disrupt traditional approaches to global health. 

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